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Our olive wood ornaments are all made from Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem, near the birthplace of the Lord Jesus. These lovely olive wood ornaments commemorate the Nativity scene and celebrate the birth of the Savoir of the world. Our olive wood ornaments make wonderful small inexpensive Christmas gifts for a group. All of our olive wood ornaments are also offered in bulk to help you to save when you buy large quantities. Large quantity bulk discounts are offered on all of our olive wood ornaments.

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Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments (Bulk prices for 10 and up) Olive Wood Nativity Ornaments (Bulk Quantities of 10 and up) Olive Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments (Bulk Quantities of 10 or More) Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments (Bulk quantities of 100 and up)
Olive Wood Bell Nativity Ornament (Also priced in bulk with discounts for quantity) Bulk Olive Wood Nativity Ornaments (Discount quantities of 100 and up) Olive Wood Nativity Scene Ornaments (Bulk, 100 @ $1.29 Each, Also priced in larger bulk quantities) Olive Wood Bell Nativity Ornaments (5 @ $5.90 Each, also priced in large bulk quantities)
Olive Wood Nativity Bell Ornament (Also priced to buy in bulk) Olive Wood Ornaments (Bell Shaped Nativity Scenes) Priced to Buy in Bulk 5 Boxes Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments Box of 3 Small Nativities

Our olive wood ornaments come in a variety of designs. We have many 3D wooden ornaments, flat ornaments and  beautiful bell shaped Nativity ornaments that are absolutely exquisite. All of our lovely ornaments are carved from Holy Land olive wood near the site of the Lord's birth in Bethlehem.

We offer all of these lovely olive wood ornaments in small quantities but each are also offered in large bulk quantities. These ornaments make wonderful small inexpensive gifts for a church, business or any gathering where large quantities of small inexpensive Christmas gifts are needed.

None of our olive wood ornaments are made in huge factories with no thought of what is being made. Most of our olive wood ornaments are made in the workshop of the premier Christian artisan of the Holy Land Jeries Facouseh. The Holy Land olive wood that Jeries uses to carve these ornaments is from the Galilee region. Every ornament that our dear friend Jeries carves is made just a few minutes walk from where the Lord was born from Holy Land olive wood that grew out of the same soil that He once trod.

Our olive wood ornaments make small inexpensive Christmas gifts that will always be cherished. Our flat olive wood ornaments, when purchased in bulk, are small inexpensive Christmas gifts under $1.00 each. These olive wood ornaments give people a piece of the Holy Land to always treasure. With every purchase of our olive wood Christmas ornaments you help to support the local economy of our Christian brethren in Bethlehem, the largest Christian community in the Holy Land.

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